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Mussicom invests in the education of children and young people and has partnered with Colégio Jean Piaget, which was born 20 years ago as Colégio Cantinho da Alegria, a kindergarten school, whose partner-owners were grandmother and granddaughter, who with great dedication, work and love, they expanded the “little school” to have Elementary School (formerly 1st to 4th grade), and, by using the constructivist proposal, they named the new stage of the school “ Colégio Jean Piaget – SV”.


With the investment, the family grew and in 2018 the Itararé Unit was inaugurated, which expanded to Praia Grande, becoming Colégio Jean Piaget SV/PG, which in 2020 was consolidated as a bilingual school, with a more globalized vision, always focused on shaping futures and, above all, better citizens for our country and for the world, essential values of the “A better world” Project.

The Saint Mary's School - SMS is the only school of Santos with the adoption of the Education System Mackenzie, the University founded in 1870 that brings tradition and modernity hand in hand. SMS has a bilingual program that uses teaching material from the University of Cambridge, one of the most renowned in the world, in addition to the proposal of Google for Education, SMS Maker and also courses in Ballet, Taekwondo, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish .

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