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Mussicom was born from the persistence of businessman Lupércio Mussi , who led a long process for the concession of a radio broadcasting station in 1983, which culminated in the establishment of Rádio Litoral, in São Vicente.

This concession process arose when the Federal Government opened up the possibility of providing the country with new radio and television stations. Upon learning of the fact, Lupércio Mussi became interested. He has always been passionate about radio and, while still a student, with class friends, he even acted in some programs in Santos.

coastal radio

He had already implemented an unprecedented internal circuit television system at the Santos Bus Station and some of his programs, with news and variety, were a real success, one of them already commanded by his son Cláudio De Graça Mussi. Both then founded Mussi Comunicação, to control the system.
After signing up as interested in having a radio station in São Vicente, Lupércio followed the progress with the Ministry of Communications, but learned that this station would be destined for a federal deputy. In fact, it did. But he was even more persistent and ended up reversing the situation to have finally granted her request.

Rádio Litoral was implanted in a house at Rua Capitão Mor Aguiar, in São Vicente, and then the idea of television was also incorporated, giving rise to RTL, Rádio e Televisão Litoral.

Little by little, the station improved, as one of the most listened to in the Baixada Santista region. New programs were appearing, always with a great audience.

Currently, the Hot 98.1 FM radios have been incorporated into the group, a radio aimed at young audiences, which was born as Rádio Rock, was already Globo, Mix, Rádio 98 and today consolidated itself as HOT 98, the best Pop radio in Baixada. Massa 102.1 FM, joined the group more recently, in 2019 and is an affiliate of Rede Massa, run by the presenter Ratinho, a popular broadcaster aimed at Sertaneja music listeners.


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Aware that the culture of a nation is built through indispensable foundations, Mussicom invests in 3 fundamental Pillars because it believes that a free and strong people needs:


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